Wholesale Chemical Free Health & Beauty Care Products For Skin, Bath, & Hair Based on Organic  Essential oils


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EObod Organic Bathsalt

Using sea salt and organic essential oils from herbs: Helps cleanse, rejuvenate your skin, helps detoxify the body and adding natural minerals. Nourish skin Brighter and quickly provides a pleasant feeling to the body and emotions.

Skincare oil vietnam


Organic Skincare Essential oils

Brings tropical flavor and for you to experience realistic healthy skin . Massage increases the relaxing effect. Increases skin’s natural sun protection.

facial salt in vietnam

Organic Facial Salt With Essential oils

Clean Your skin deeply and protects the skin from the harmful effects of environmental pollution, chemicals.


acne treatment vietnamOrganic Stop Acne Lotion From Citronella Powder

A strong Anti – bacteria & Pore Minimizing. Prevent Bacteria from making a nest


Therapy Body Massage Oil

Lavender, Lemon grapefruit, ginger: Not  sticky after massage, increase relaxation effects of treatment by deep nature, good for joint and muscle pain, increase fat excretion.


phoi xa phong gia bao nhieu

Handmade Soap With Organic Essential oils:

Coconut Transparent, Coconut White, Tamanu & Turmeric, Honey

Good moisturizer and a pH neutral safe for the skin.


Organic Hair Care oil With Grapefruit

Our commitment: All our Oils Level Therapist. If a certain shipments do not meet the standards, they should never be used.

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