Wholesale 5-180 kg Pure & Natural Cajeput Essential Oil

EObod Essential oil, Ltd is a farm direct, Extract and refine essential oil from Vietnam Cajeput, Melaleuca Cajeputi

We offer 4 various Cajeput Crude oil Based Products

  1. Crude Cajeput oil (eucalyptol 55%)

Cajeput oil comes from the leaves of Melaleuca cajeputi .At  The first step is steam distillation to obtain crude  cajeput oil (eucalyptol 55%)

  1. 99% Eucalyptol

In the second step, the cleaned cajeput oil is collected by vacuum distillation column.

Available goods, Ability to deliver 1200kg / month. View COA

  1. Cajeput Oil 50 % Eucalyptol

  2. And Alpha termineol

Cajeput oil Wholesale Price please contact Hotline: +84932149566 . Or click here to see price for 5kg cajeput oil

  • Available goods, Ability to deliver 2000kg / month or more Depending on the season.
  • Please visit our Showroom & Factory to see how we manage product quality
  • No19, 18St, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc Dt, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam
  • We provide samples for customers to test.
  • Standard  by Vietnam Pharmaceutical dictionary  IV.
  • We are proud of supplying large quantities of  cajeput oil to the market.
  • Our cajeput oils comes from the Mekong Delta region.
  • Pack Type: Glass bottle, Plastic bottle from 1-20kg. Metal barrels 180kg.