EObod started extracting Essential oils Since 1989

We Produce and Distribute Essential oils directly from farmers, so the quality is guaranteed, that transported straight from the garden medicinal herbs to the market.

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As a diversified supplier, We seek the highest value in every product that we make, in order to meet the expectations of customers – Committed to quality, integrity and rel


iability on-time delivery, cost 

Our Founder, Dr of Essential oil technology in Bulgaria,- Dr Nhu Lien with her Professor Evgani Georgiev. Наш основател – д-р Ну Лиен с професор Евгани Георгиев

balance, timeliness, quality.

  • We pride ourselves on providing the essential oils of the highest quality.
  • All our Essential oils are 100% pure therapy. 
  • Synthetic toxic chemicals should never be used in any stage of the development process or distillation.
  • We do GC, checking on each essential oils and our reports are available for each productEobods Farmer

The essential oils from native plants: Our Essential oils comes from large plants where trees grow naturally, this material areas across Vietnam, where the needs for the best oils such as altitude, water, etc.

 We care about your health and safety.



We Produce & Process Products From 100% Essential oils

100% Pure Essential oils

Massage Oil

Personal Skin & Beauty care

Animal care

Soap from Coconut, Tamanu oil, Honey, Tumeric & As order

Bathsalt with Essential oil

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