dr-nhu-lienOur Founder
PhD. Ho Thi Nhu Lien
She was born on September 17, 1953 in Tien Giang, South Vietnam.
PhD. Ho Thi Nhu Lien graduated from Faculty of Essential Oil Technology (1975-1981) at 100 years old UFT University _ Plovdiv , Bulgaria.
In 2001, she joined the State-level Scientific Research Project and returned to Bulgaria to defend her dissertation. She spent about 200 hours training with Professor Evgeni Velinov Georgiev – leading expert in Essential oil Technology of UFT University Bulgarian

nong-dan-trong-tinh-dauIn 2003 she become PhD of Science.
PhD. Nhu Lien has held positions as an Essential oil Technology Engineer, specializing in processing essential oils for export.
Formerly Deputy General Director of Vimedimex II Medical Import Export Company.
For most of her career, PhD. Nhu Lien has been herself as an author, mainly in the field of community health care.
She was granted a monopoly patent on the method of extracting Mangiferin from herbal medicine.
As a Researcher and Founder of Eobod Essential Oil Co., Ltd., her Awards and Certifications include:
• Medals for People’s Health awarded by the Minister of Health on March 26, 2001
• The Presidium of the Vietnam Federation of Labor Confederation awarded the certificate of “GIỎI VIỆC NƯỚC, ĐẢM VIỆC NHÀ” in 1995-2000.
• Product Qualys Management by Regional Center 3 (DSQ) and Technonet Asia (T.A) sponsored by International Development Research Center (IDRC), Canada.
• An internal quality system auditor according to ISO 9000.